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The Portland MBSR teachers you find listed here are committed tocolorful tulip fields maintaining the fidelity of MBSR through ongoing education, consultation and practice.

All of the instructors represented on this website have completed MBSR teacher training with senior staff  at the UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness, where MBSR was developed (Learn more about what this means for you).  Each teaches the full 8-week MBSR curriculum regularly (3-5 times a year) and has been teaching for a minimum of 5 years – some instructors have been teaching for much longer.

In addition to this foundation of training and experience each of the instructors on this site have gone on to become Certified MBSR Teachers (What does “Certified MBSR Teacher” mean?)

 Each is dedicated to ongoing personal practice and sharing the many benefits of mindfulness with individuals and the larger community.  As part of their commitment to teaching each of these instructors:

  • Engages in ongoing personal study and practice which may include annual silent meditation retreats, supervision, peer consultation, and other continuing education activities.
  • Is currently teaching MBSR in the community
  • Has a daily, personal meditation practice
  • Meets regularly with other MBSR teachers to improve skills


Denise Gour LCSW      Laura Martin LCSW      Jillayne Sorenson PsyD


Please note: The information on this website is offered for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical, psychological or substance abuse treatment.  Inclusion on this site does not  indicate endorsement by MBSRPortland.com, or it’s contributors, for any specific individual or service.