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Meet Portland’s MBSR Teachers

Each of the MBSR teachers listed here is committed to sharing the many benefits of mindfulness as part of a vibrant community of practice.

As  Qualified or Certified MBSR Instructors, each has completed professional training at either the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness or at the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness.  They are committed to maintaining the fidelity of MBSR through ongoing education, consultation and practice.

Certified MBSR Instructors 

After completing  initial qualifying training and teaching for an extended period, teachers may apply for MBSR Certification. Certification represents many additional years of teaching experience and completion of a rigorous review and supervision process.

The certified teachers below offer the full 8-week MBSR curriculum on a regular basis and have been teaching for a minimum of 10 years.

Denise Gour LCSW         Laura Martin LCSW

Qualified MBSR Teachers

Qualified MBSR Teachers have completed Professional MBSR InstructorTraining and have been qualified by their program to teach the full 8-week MBSR curriculum.  Contact any of the instructors directly to find out more.

Ryan Kenny, LCSW

Training to teach MBSR represents a long-term commitment to personal practice and professional training. The process typically takes several years and includes intensive periods of training, personal study,  ongoing practice and supervision. This method supports a deep integration of knowledge and personal experience, with a view to developing stability, flexibility and a non-judgmental stance. Learn what teacher training means for you.

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